Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jets Are Going All the Way

The improbable win of the Jets over the Pats is nothing short of astounding and inspiring. The erratic Jets were up against the clear Superbowl favorites. There wasn't a sportswriter who didn't pick the Pats to go all the way. Only a handful of people believed in the Jets. Pats fans must have crowded into Gillette stadium, confident and smug in their teams imminent victory over the wobbly Jets. And then the Jets opened a can of whoop ass on the Pats. They dominated from the very beginning, but with a team as confident and capable as the Pats, you never want to start counting your chickens before they hatch.

I was not a Jets fan (though I am now!) I remain a Giants fan. I was at the 2007 game between the Giants and the Pats, the one the Giants lost 35-38. Recap  But, at that game I saw the flares of brilliance that would ultimately lead to a Giants victory in the Superbowl. I see the same quality in today's Jets. I am greatly pleased that it was another New york team that lead to New England's defeat, ending their season.
So, with the "clear favorite" out of the way, only the Steelers stand in the Jets way. But Pittsburgh Steel ain't what is used to be back in the Seventies.

We will post some specials for the Jets game. And, feel free to check out  Smokey Joe's Superbowl Menu

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