Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blizzard Blogging

Well, we here at Smokey Joe's have so much to say. 2011 is a New Year and with it we launch our new blog. All of our thoughts are circulating much like the blizzard that is brewing outside.  You will hear us opine about a great number of topics but mostly about food, fun, and bbq. Moshe Morrison, our masgiach, manager, and all around mensch will be weighing in mostly with recipes and menu ideas. Moshe is a real foodie and we are lucky to have him here with us.
And I have a lot of thoughts about service, catering ideas, and new bbq ideas that I can't wait to get started. BUT, the really great thing about creating a blog is not that we get to spout off, but that  you, dear customer, get to share your thoughts about all of these topics. What makes a blog great is the dialog that is created between Smokey Joe's and its customers. So, speak up. I know you won't be shy.

p.s. As I noted, the first blizzard of '11 is brewing outside. We will be open on Wednesday and will be offering a 15% blizzard beater discount to all dine in and take out customers. Also, we will have delivery available once the snow has stopped. You have to mention "Blizzard Beater" to get the 15% discount on your dine-in or take-out order.

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