Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding at Eldridge Street Synagaogue

Mazel Tov to Miriam and David and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Smokey Joe's recently catered a fantastically fun wedding in the beautiful landmark, the Eldridge Street Synagogue. The main sanctuary is fully restored to its original 1800's splendor and to daven there is truly inspiring. It is wonderful that there is still a minyan there every Shabbat.

When I got married a close friend told me that a marriage is a perfect union of place and time and this wedding stayed true to that rule. The bride's mother and grandmother were bounced from flight to flight on the way from Chicago, and were eventually blessed to be given seats on the fourth plane that left that day and made it to the synagogue about one half hour before "shekiah" which was the rabbi's deadline for getting married that day. They made it and the wedding was off to a flying start.

Joyous singing ushered the bride and groom from the beautiful sanctuary and brought them down to the museum space and banquet room. With cold bottles of Shiner Beer from Shiner Texas and fresh squeezed lemonade, all the guests were happy to fill their plates with smoked barbeque brisket, pulled chicken, and the groom's choice for his first meal as a married man, Smokey Joe's famous Ribs.

Rabbi Lazer Lazaroff was so enthralled with the menu that he has suggested that all weddings, to commemorate the Rib that G-d took from Adam to create Eve, should have Ribs from Smokey Joe,s!!

Rabbi, we could not agree with you more. To all our new found friends from Texas we wish a Mazel Tov and we were honored to spend the day with you.

To everyone else I want to remind you of our mission statement,

Smokey Joe's--- We're not just for Weddings.

Remember our Father's Day HaiQue Contest, I have read some good ones, but I want to read yours!!

Best Wishes for a Good Yom Tov,


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